KAMSC is the new Harvard. You tell people you go here and you get a dropped jaw.
Andrew Elluru (2010)
Applicants currently in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades
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The following traits are typical of a KAMSC graduate:

Independent, thoughtful, reflective and complex thinker who:

  • Uses higher-order thinking
  • Makes connections
  • Sees beyond the obvious
  • Is reflective and self-analytical
  • Is persistent and self-motivated
  • Uses appropriate skills and tools

A collaborative Worker who:

  • Is a positive contributor
  • Is independent, cooperative, and inclusive
  • Exhibits leadership
  • Is trustworthy and respectful of others
  • Communicates well
  • Is flexible
  • Consistently produces quality work
  • Has good time-management skills
  • Demonstrates a sense of community


A Life-long self-directed learner who:

  • Prioritizes goals
  • Monitors and evaluates
  • Has a positive self-image
  • Is consistent & disciplined
  • Is responsible
  • Is insightful & inquisitive
  • Has commitment and drive
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