I didn't realize it until five or six years out of KAMSC (and after a year or two of teaching my own class), but I've never had a better instructor than Mr. Sinclair.
Conor Williams (2001)
Mr. Modhi Alshehri


Advanced Calculus

Advanced Physics

AP Calculus BC

KAMSC Integ Math III/Precalc

Mr. Alshehri Joined KAMSC as a math and Advanced Physics instructor during the summer of 2004. He taught Physics and math at Kalamazoo Central High School. He obtained a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. His Master degree is in Physics from Western Michigan University where he taught there as a graduate assistance. He taught Physics at the university of Toledo. He had done research in Atomic Physics at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Advanced Light Source on the experimental and theoretical study of photoexcitation and decay mechanism of doubly excited states in inert gases.

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