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Slide show presentations from the KAMSC Eighth Grade Open House 2022

Prospective eighth grade students and their families interested in applying to join the KAMSC high school pull-out program attended an Open House introducing KAMSC, Wednesday Evening November 30, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.  The Open House was held in Chenery Auditorium (714 South Westnedge Ave.) on the ground floor of the KPS Community Education Center (CEC), and was followed by a tour of the KAMSC facilities on the fourth floor of the CEC.  Attendees of the Open House had the opportunity to hear from a number of members of the KAMSC community, including the ninth grade teaching team, the KAMSC Student Advocate and Research Director, the president of the KAMSC Parents Organization, current KAMSC students, and the KAMSC Director (who reviewed the admissions process). The short presentations were followed by a Q & A period with the director, and then a tour of the KAMSC facilities.

For those eighth grade students and their families who were not able to attend the KAMSC Eighth Grade Open House, slide show presentations from the Open House are available below.

Eighth grader Information slides from KAMSC’s Eight Grade Open House, November 30, 2022:
This set of slides contains information presented by the KAMSC ninth grade teacher team, and the KAMSC Research Director and KAMSC Student Advocate.  In auto play mode, each slide is shown for 10 seconds, and the entire presentation lasts three minutes.


Snippets from KAMSC life:
This collection of slides illustrates many aspects of daily life in the KAMSC program.  The entire presentation contains 108 slides, and in auto play mode, each slide is shown for 3 seconds.