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Tia Hohler


Relationships, Relevance and Rigor

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to science but that's part of the fun!

My teaching method involves the use of story telling to anchor the material in a relevant experience. I'm typically laid back and teach in a conversational manner however, if you make a mess in my classroom, you better watch out!

I make use of technology frequently by using Google classroom, Illuminate and using computer simulations. I believe in using innovation and I'm not afraid of trying something new. While I do lecture in class, I try to make the discussions engaging and to involve the students whenever possible.

My interests include all things dark and creepy, soccer and fitness, Halloween, puppies and snakes. I used to coach JV women's soccer at Kalamazoo Central High School.

I have a Bachelors in Biology Education with a minor in General Science from Ferris State University, a Masters in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University, and a Masters in Applied Science Education from Michigan Technological University. I've been teaching since 2005.

I'm a Robert Noyce fellow with their Master Teacher program and do curriculum and technology work for Michigan Tech for their Mi-Star program.

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Class Offerings

Advanced Placement Environmental Science

All Year Class

5th Hour

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code

Tia Hohler-APES Pacing Guide

Environmental Science covers so many disciplines. It is a course that has connections from biology, chemistry and earth science. We go on some awesome field trips and this course focuses on the relevance between environmental science and daily life. I would recommend this class for anyone that wants a good review of lots of different topics especially if you aren't sure about your future career. This class can expose you to some possibilities. Other careers that this class might help you in are environmental chemistry and engineering, agricultural science, natural resources scientist, environmental politician/lobbyist, pollution analyst and environmental protection.


Second Semester Only

Prerequisite: Organic Chemistry

6th hour

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code


Biochemistry is a wonderful mesh between biology and chemistry. If you liked taking both of those courses and wanted to know more, this course is for you! We really look into the connections within molecules and yourself. You might be surprised how much biochemistry is in your life. This class is great for anyone going into medicine, chemistry or pharmacology.


Second semester only

Wednesday 7th hour- 2:05-3:05

Enrichment CR/NC class

This class is a continuation of Evolution of Scientific Thought 2. This class has  six modules that we work through. The topics include: Allocating Scarce Resources, Balancing Personal Rights and Community Responsibility and Human Subjects Research. We have some great discussions and you get to read interesting articles about all sorts of bioethics topics.

Biomedical Science

All Year Class

4th Hour

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code

Biomed Syllabus

This course covers all the body systems. We discuss the anatomy and physiology of various systems. Some of the fun activities we do are dissections. This class is great for people interested in the medical field. I also teach you how to do a blood pressure, read an EKG, suture a wound and lots of other fun stuff! I also put an emphasis on medical diagnostics in my classroom so students will be able to do actual tests using real equipment that professionals use.

Evolution of Scientific Thought 1 

First Semester Only

Wednesday 0 hour 7:05-7:50 AM

10th graders only

Enrichment CR/NC class

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code

Evolution of Scientific Thought 1 Syllabus

We read four books throughout the semester covering various interesting topics in science. Every week we discuss what we have read. The assignments consist of a weekly essay posted to Google classroom. If you like reading and talking in a super chill environment, I think you would really like this class.


Evolution of Scientific Thought  2

First Semester Only

Wednesday 7th hour: 2:05-3:05

Enrichment CR/NC class

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code

Evolution of Scientific Thought II Syllabus

This class is similar to Evolution of Scientific Thought 1 only this is offered to juniors and seniors. We will read four different books, and discuss them. The assignments will be a weekly essay on Google classroom. If you enjoyed the first class and would like to continue on with your enrichment, this will be really fun for you.


Offered every other year: 2023-2024

First Semester Only

7th hour: M, T, R, F 2:05- 3:05

2023-2024 Google classroom code

Microbiology syllabus

This course is a deep dive into the world we cannot see. We discuss all the little things, the good ones, the bad ones and the deadly ones! You'll learn how to culture bacteria, genetically engineer them, use a microscope, make cheese and a bunch of other fun stuff. Microbes are all around us and are really important for our daily lives.  This class is great for anyone interested in microbiology, epidemiology, medicine, clinical research, biotechnology, environmental engineering and much more!

Human Genetics

Offered every other year: 2024-2025

First Semester Only

7th hour: M, T, R, F 2:05-3:05

Human Genetics syllabus

This class is an intensive dive into the world of genetics. Our labs use some of the equipment that most students won't get to see until college, like a thermocycler. In addition to learning about the ways genes turn into protein, we also talk about genetic engineering and we even do a CRISPR lab! This class is perfect for anyone that is interested in medicine, genetics, forensics, genetic counseling, and clinical research. Genetics can be used in many careers and permeates through most biological sciences.

Topics in Science

Second Semester Only

Wednesday 0 hour 7:05-7:50 AM

10th graders only

Enrichment CR/NC class

This class is typically taken after Evolution of Scientific Thought 1. This class is student led. You get to pick topics that interest you and research them. Then you can share your articles and talk about the cool stuff you found. In March, we focus on March Mammal Madness and watch the matches in class.



First Semester Only

6th Hour

2023-2024 Google Classroom Code

Zoology Syllabus


This class will cover animal diversity, anatomy/physiology and conservation. If you like animals, this class is for you. We will talk about all those awesome creatures we share the Earth with. Some of the activities will include animal dissections to learn more about their anatomy. This course is great if you are interested in veterinary medicine or animal conservation.

What are we doing in class today?

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